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Double Glazing For Southport

Double glazing windows and doors are at their best at the moment, and are available in various energy saving grades of glazing and pvc systems.

When you start with home improvements you will need products that will outlast thier guarantee from a business you can rely on. You also need the right information and attention to detail

We can provide you with the full service with peace of mind we have the experience to get it right and in on budget with no upsets or surprise charges.

With just one short home visit we can confirm a specification and organise a fixed quote. Alternatively to that we can quote via the internet pricing page or use a direct email to discuss the details further as we appreciate that not all people work the same hours as others.

What Are The WER Ratings?​

You will find that there are various grades of glazing available that range from the minimum of a C Rated which will use one pane of energy saving glass. Up to an A rated glazing that is the best, and carries 2 panes of energy saving glass along with an Argon Gas filled cavity between the 2 panes. This gas is completely safe and has great insualting properties.

The glass is also given a warm edge space bar which adhears the 2 panes of glass therefore giving the double glazed unit a warmer edge by 3 - 4 degrees more than standard. The idea is to prevent the formation of condensation at the edge of the glass.

The whole process of the A Rated glazing is to try to retain the heat in the room , allow sunlight through and attempt to stop the glazing being the coldest part of the room.

This prevents condensation latching on and causing unsightly marks and slowly destroying the rubbers on your new windows and doors.​

How Do I Know What Type Of Product To Choose?

There are many variations in styles and designs.  We can assist you in designing and advise you on which openers will be best suited for the function of that particular item

The different types available are...


Tilt & turn


vertical sliding

Bay windows

Rotating Hinged windows

Easy clean / Fire escape hinged​

The style options of a window is unlimited as each window will be designed with its main purpose and functionality in mind

There is the added option of easy clean hinges on all upper double glazing to make it easier to keep and maintain the exterior of the windows.

These hinges also double up as fire escapes as they open to a full 90 degrees unlike a standard hinge which is far more restricting.

How Do I Look After My New Window And Doors?

The advantage of PVC frames is that it minimises maintenance. Although there are certain areas that need attention from time to time. Simple guides to maintenance can be followed easily.

For whatever reason you choose to have new double glazing windows installed it will be an important one, with each window fabricated to your individual measurements and requirements.

window image 1​​  

PVC Doors 

Doors are a technical area of PVC installation that requires expert attention.

Many PVC doors throughout the country end up having service calls due to dropping and malfunctioning mechanisms due to fitters having a lack of technical knowledge and little experience in trouble shooting.

Composite Doors​

We have a range of affordable composite doors available in tasteful colours and far more insulating and secure than standard PVC doors. They immitate traditional looking timber doors and have all the traditional designs along with a more modern twist.

Installations And Gallery

We have plenty of very happy customers who have recommended us to collegues, neighbours, friends and family for  new windows, doors and fascia work. Have a browse through our gallery at some of our double glazing installations.



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Energy Rated Glazing Is Here.

Our glazing is far more energy efficient than standard wooden windows and doors. 

Maintenance free and more secure they will also save you a fortune in heating bills.

All installations are submitted and installed to FENSA requirements​.

PVC window quote​ 

By using the window quote request page link  above our customers can get an idea of what their new home improvemets will cost and plan ahead with ease.

This option also allows our customers to discuss, design and price out of hours and weekends which suites a busy schedule or shift workers.


We can provide the ultimate in conservatories and hybrid additions using high tech roofing materials and new design ideas for every day living rather than just seasonal use.

You can replace your conservatory for cheaper as the base building work is already done.

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